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  • Extreme Adventures Book Trailer by Daniel and Lachlan Year 3\4 GM

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Maja (Year 3\4 ) wrote the following report after Justin D'Ath visited Clairvaux

Justin D’Ath - A documentary on a famous author!

NAME: Justin D’Ath
JOB/HOBBY: author (book writer)
MOST FAMOUS BOOKS: The Extreme Adventures
He was training to be a priest and there were only 4 years left before he could finally be a priest. When he approached his 3rd year, he decided that being a priest was not the right job for him. So he picked up his wallet, jumped on his motorbike and started hitting the road. He only had $14 dollars in his wallet and the clothes on his back. He thought it would last him but when he spent all the money and used all the petrol he learnt a lesson.

Now, he was in the middle of the outback, he had run out of petrol, he had used all his money AND he could not see a thing. The only thing he could see and hear was the sound of the wind taking the sand to a far off place. Then suddenly, he saw a little old cottage, so decided to go and see what he could do to get some more money, some more clothes and some petrol. Eventually, he ended up working there for 3 months until he had enough money to by some camping gear, some clothes and some petrol.

So he set off travelling round Australia. After a few months of travelling, he had a tough choice of becoming a normal person with a normal job or travelling for the rest of his life.
So he made a decision of being an author. Not just any author, but one who writes things and puts them in magazines and newspapers. The first one earned him $50 which was good. The second one earned him $200 which was great. But one day he saw a commercial which said writing children’s books is harder than writing adult books.

He also saw one that really inspired him. It was one where a publisher wanted to publish a short story book for children with 1500 words in it. So he signed in and started writing. It took 7 years for him to finish, edit and publish it. But when he published it he realised it had 15,00, words not 1500 words. So he changed it in to a regular children’s book. After he read it himself he decided to keep on writing children’s books. And all I know is that he is still writing them now! He has even written books like ‘Why Did the Chicken Cross the Galaxy?’ and ‘The Up-side-down Girl’. He has even written the ‘Extreme Adventures’!

Why Is Justin’s Last Name D’Ath?
When his great, great grandfather, Dr. Death was alive, he did not want his last name to be Death. It’s not just because no one wanted to go to the doctor. It’s because when ever he goes somewhere people are scared of him. So he decided to change his last name to D’Ath. It’s a funny way of spelling it, but it's better than Death. You see, if Justin did not run away from being a priest, and if Dr. Death did not change his last name to D’Ath, Justin would now be called Father Death! It would be horrible, wouldn’t it? Lucky they did not do it!

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Latest Release

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