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Picture Books
Author - Illustrator: Narelle Oliver
Booked Out - YouTube: Narelle Oliver Watch and listen to Narelle Oliver talk about how she illustrates her books.
Notes about the process from Narelle Oliver
Teachers' Notes
Weblinks - Activities for 'Fox and Fine Feathers'
Learn about alliteration, complete a crossword and a jigsaw, see where foxes live and take the quiz on feral

Book Reviews
Author - Illustrator : Gregory Rogers
Teachers' Notes
Weblinks - Activities for 'The Hero of Little Street'
Look closer at the pictures, cloze exercise, online colouring picture of character, complete a jigsaw.
Take a closer look at the pictures (pdf takes a while to load)
Weblinks for The Hero of Little Street Explore the world in which the story takes place.

Author - Glenda Millard Illustrator - Rebecca Cool website Rebecca Cool
Weblinks - Activities for 'Isabella's Garden'
Label plants, match seasons, download a colouring sheet and complete the jigsaw.
Extra activities - When reading the book, compare it with 'The House that Jack Built' and other similar stories.

Author - Illustrator : Leigh Hobbs
Teachers' Notes
Weblinks - Activities for 'Mr Chicken goes to Paris'
Test your French, play some Eiffel Tower games, answer some questions about the book, complete the jigsaw.

Author/Illustrators - John Danalis (on ABC) and Stella Danalis
Weblinks - Activities for 'Schumann the Shoeman'
Read a magic shoe story, complete a shoe crossword, take a quiz about the story, complete the jigsaw.
Art Activity : Use Picasso Head as an activity with the students after reading 'Schumann the Shoeman'.
You can make pictures like these. Try some for yourself.
Schumann's__son.JPG Picasso_anyway.JPGPicassosunny.JPGSchumann1a.JPG
Teachers' Notes (pdf file)
Book Launch on YouTube: Schumann the Shoeman Part One | Part Two
Youtube video - John Danalis

Author/Illustrator - Roland Harvey and Roland Harvey's publisher profile
Interview with Roland Harvey
Weblinks - Activities for 'To the Top End'
Preview the book, learn the place names, visit the Northern Territory on-line, complete a jigsaw.
Extra Activities : Use Google Lit Trips to create a story journey
OR use Google Earth to track where they travelled
OR use an Atlas to track where they travelled