Theme - 'Across the Story Bridge'

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What does the theme mean?

The dictionary defines ‘bridge’ as: 'a structure spanning a river, chasm, road, or the like, and providing a way across'.
(Look at our Wallwisher page for more ideas.)

As well as a literal bridge to which we can find references in books, stories provide us with bridges to experiences, personalities, places, events and situations that are totally "other" to our own. Stories can also provide bridges to events, experiences and people in our own lives and enable us to view them with more insight.

The theme allows us to focus on the importance of bridges in bringing people and things together. But more importantly, it raises our awareness of how reading a book is like crossing a bridge into the mind of another person i.e. the author. This allows us to be transported into the life of that person and to see the world as they see it. We learn that everyone sees the world differently.

All titles this year fit the 'across the story bridge' theme, especially if you apply the 'bridge into other worlds' idea. Some examples from each of the CBCA Award sections include:
  • Pearl Verses the World is a bridge into another way of telling a story - in verse form.
  • The Wrong Book and The Terrible Plop will have us reaching for other books because these two stories refer (bridge) to situations and characters in other popular books.
  • The Hero of Little Street, using the bridge provided by famous paintings, takes us into another time and another place.
  • In Mr Chicken Goes to Paris, we are taken with the rascally Mr Chicken into an experience of Paris.

Links to Pictures of Bridges
Beautiful Bridges Around the World
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Videos about Bridges
Let's Build a Bridge
Understanding Bridges
Bridges made from newspaper and cellotape

Book Titles about the Theme
Suggested titles to match 'Across the Story Bridge' by Walker Books include -
Bridges to Other Worlds, Bridging Fact and Fiction, Bridges Across Place and Time, Bridges to Understanding, Books about Books.

Information about Bridges
Famous Bridge Index
Famous Bridges of the World
Wikipedia list of Bridges
Geelong Bridges Read about the bridges in Geelong. Which ones have you crossed over?
220px-Queens-park-bridge-geelong1.jpg 220px-Moorabool-street-bridge-geelong1.jpg 220px-Barwon-river-geelong-princes-bridge1.jpg 220px-McIntyre-bridge-geelong1.jpg
The one lane Queens Park Bridge . . . . Barwon Bridge (Moorabool St). . . . . Princes Bridge (Shannon Ave) . . . . McIntyre footbridge
220px-Barwon-river-bridges-geelong1.jpg 220px-Breakwater-bridge-geelong1.jpg220px-Barwon_Heads_bridge_Stevage1.jpg
James Harrison bridge . . . . . . . . . . . . Breakwater Bridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barwon Heads Bridge

Westgate Bridge Find out more about the famous Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. Have you crossed over it?
Westgate.jpg 250px-West_Gate_Bridge_Melbourne.jpg

Classroom Activities about the Theme
  • Choose one of the bridge images on jigzone to create jigsaw puzzles for your students.
  • Using shape collage, ask students to create their own collages using bridge images from flickr. You could even establish criteria.....arch bridges, in natural settings etc.
  • Use the image of the bridge from Monet's garden as a story starter - if this bridge could tell a story, what would it be? You could also use other images of bridges from flickr as writing an image of a bridge with someone on it/walking across it. Why are they on the bridge? Where are they going?
  • Students could make individual posters that have a self-portrait or photo in the centre, and from that paper arched like a bridge connects to a book and from that another arch connects to a person an idea, a country, whatever to show that concept of connection
  • There are some bridge images on PictLitthat students could use to create their own pictlit.
  • Use Tagxedo or Wordle to create word clouds in shapes. Use with individual shortlisted titles based on character/theme or use with an entire category.
  • Design and build a bridge which illustrates this year's theme.
  • Find books such as these which have bridges in them. What purpose does each bridge have in the story? Draw some of the bridges. Where do they take the characters?

Pictures of Bridges in Story Books
Log_bridge.JPG resized_9780733318306_224_297_FitSquare.jpg
The log bridge in 'The Top End' by Roland Harvey . . .'The Night Garden' by Elise Hurst

Bridges_0002a.jpg Bridges_0003a.jpg
'Butterflies in my Stomach and other School Hazards" . . . . From 'Footrot Flats' by Murray Ball
by Serge Bloch
bridges_0001.jpg Bridges_0002.jpg
From 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' by Jonathan Langley . . . . . . 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester


The Hero of Little Street . . . . . . . . ... ... ... From 'The Top End' by Roland Harvey