What is Copyright? How does it affect me? Before you begin your next project take a look at some of the following websites.

  • Copyright Kids - Includes basic information on copyrights, useful links, a copyright quiz and a section for parents and teachers.

What is Copyright?
Why Should I Care About Copyright?
Which Works Are Protected by Copyright?
Which Works Are Not Protected by Copyright?
Who Owns the Copyright in a Work?
What is Copyright Infringement?
When Do I Need Permission to Copy?
How Do I Obtain Copyright Protection?
When And How Do I Register a Copyright ?
How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?
  • Smartcopying - the official guide to copyright issues for Australian schools and TAFE.

Watch the video 'All Right to Copy'. Click on Images

Copyright Friendly Images etc.

The following sites are great for teachers and students to find images and use them for FREE:
  1. Pics4Learning
  2. stock.xchng
  3. Public Domain Photos
  4. FreeFoto
  5. NOAA Photo Library
  6. Classroom Clipart
  7. Karen's Whimsy
  8. FreeDigitalPhotos
  9. Photos8
  10. FreePixels
  11. FotoPedia
  12. PhotoHome
  13. PD Photo
  14. StockVault
  15. Student Clip Art
  16. EveryStockPhoto
  17. Phillip Martin ClipArt
  18. List of Copyright "Friendly" Images for Student Use
  19. School Clip Art
  20. OpenClipArt

Children should always be careful when searching on the Internet, so please use with caution.

Do not assume that the results displayed are under a CC license. You should always verify that the work is actually under a CC license by following the link. Although you may not need to ask permission to use them for educational purposes, you should cite or attribute these images to their creators.

  • Pics4Learning - Images in the Pics4Learning collection may be used by teachers and students in print, multimedia, and video productions.

Music and Sound Effects
Watch the video 'All Right to Copy'. Click on Music

Copyright Friendly Music and Sounds

  • Jamendo** Artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited